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Atelier JM Lesov / Thun Studio

1901 - Launch of production of porcelain

Porcelain factory in Lesov near Karlovy Vary was founded in 1901 and produced here normal production, cups, saucers and various porcelain accessories.

1958 - 2011 - Development center and Thun Studio

In 1958 Lesov manufactory was integrated into Carlsbad porcelain enterprise as a development studio for new shapes and center of top modelers and designers. Creation was significantly influenced by the formation of the prominent Czech porcelain designers, such as prof. Jaroslav Ježek, who for his designs won the gold medal at the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1958, and many others.

2012 - Independent Atelier JM Lesov/Thun Studio

Since 2012, is factory a separate porcelain manufactory with a new name Lesov JM Atelier / Studio Thun. Manufactory is fundamentally different from large industrial porcelain production entirely by manual production method and original authorial design of its products. JM Lesov Atelier / Studio Thun is one of the last manufactures, which develops and maintains traditional handicraft production of artistic luxury porcelain in the Czech Republic.