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The harmony between the shape of chinaware, its decoration and usefulness has been part of our way of life and dining culture for centuries. The collection of broaderteacups, ‘Downton’(Elisabeth, Philip, Winston), gives lovers of the tea ritual an unforgettable experience of serving this delicate drink. The Downton teacups have been designed by Jiří Laštovička, MFA: "The reasons that led me to design this teacup are somewhat mundane. I wanted to help enrich the JM Lesov Studio’s programme with a meaningful project with no particular desire to amaze with exceptionality. I just wanted to create a teacup which has its morphologic origin in the method of tea preparation where you can sense its aroma and guess its origin from the colour that will be distinctive from this teacup shape. Furthermore, this shape is practically unknown on the local market even though it is nothing new. It brings a very different decoration composition which would be prominent when being served on tea or coffee tables. And what is more, it is amazing to watch – even if it is only in films – the elegance associated with the serving of tea in good old England. This was apparently the very reason behind the design of the Downtonteacup. Those who have watched the great costume series ‘Downton Abbey’ will definitely understand what I mean."