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Saints from the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Karlstein Castle
The Saints set, comprising six cups and saucers, is one of the most original pieces by Atelier JM Lesov in terms of its shape and decoration. The cylindrical shape of the cup and the oval shape of the saucer are simple and contemporary and do not try to copy historical designs.
The shape is basically a tight canvas for the projection of paintings, specifically for six Gothic panel paintings with saints created by Master Theodoric to the order of Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, Charles IV. The original panels are still located in a sacred place of Karlstein Castle – in the Chapel of the Holy Cross, consecrated in 1365. Leading Czech artist Miroslav Páral is the designer of the exceptional Madonna set. Professor Jan Royt, a well-known Czech art historian, recommended the six Madonnas to be included and provided the necessary documentation.