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Get involved in the design game!

With Shogi tea and coffee cups and saucers available in six different cobalt designs, you have a unique opportunity to make a creative contribution to the resulting collection. The individual motifs, inspired by Japanese ornamentation, can be combined as you wish so that you have a blend of cups and saucers in different décors. With all the motifs offering so many permutations, you are sure to come up with the perfect selection!
The author of the Shogi creative design, named after the traditional Japanese board game, is the academy-trained sculptor Jiří Laštovička: “One of the impetuses for creating the Shogi design was the rare chance to work with cobalt, which – blue onion china apart – has largely been consigned to history. Because it functions as a workshop, Atelier JM Lesov offers a unique opportunity to create cobalt décor. The craftsmanship here is steeped in the fact that the company makes its own cups. These are then carefully decorated and ultimately re-fired, again at 1,400 °C. This is the temperature needed for the inimitable brightening of royal cobalt blue.”
Cups and saucers are custom-made at the requested quantities and in the required designs in cobalt blue or black.