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Vase Cleopatra

Cleopatra – a vase fit for a queen
The antiquising character of the relief vase from the workshop of Atelier JM Lesov is freely inspired by the work of a master of Czech Art Deco, Jaroslav Horejc. Combining a simple shape line with the whole-surface relief decoration of Egyptian papyrus, butterflies and birds in Art Nouveau style, it creates a perfect and elegant unity. The distinctness of the plastic decoration of the vase is further intensified by the unglazed surface of the work. Transferring flora and fauna motifs into porcelain reliefs is demanding manual work requiring craft and art, patience and experience. The Cleopatra Vase is evidence of the high level of artistic and handicraft skills of the masters of Atelier JM Lesov.This vase is available to order in two sizes, standing at either 20 cm or 30 cm tall.