Čeština Pусский

Antonín Dvořák

September 15, 1892. On board the Saale a man is standing, looking out for the land after the nine days of cruising. The light-blue haze slowly gives way to the silhouette of the Statue of Liberty, and the New World skyline builds up on the right. New York. In the rhythmical noise of the ship machinery, and driven by strong emotions, the man’s hand starts moving subconsciously, following the melody in the man’s head. The city skyline, now resembling an orchestra, watches the hand’s motion. Only the man hears and perceives the first tones. The man’s name is Antonín Dvořák. This is how I imagined the feelings of Antonín Dvořák while entering the New World. The baton, drawing neat curves in the air and giving the right expression to the new melody, was the inspiration for the china set, with which I’d like to pay homage to the genius of the Czech music - Antonín Dvořák. He has become another famous historical figure who inspired a china artwork.
The author of the design is Jiří Laštovička.