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“Arthur the Hedgehog”: a good-luck porcelain figurine

A small handmade hedgehog figurine crafted from the purest high-grade porcelain and decorated with 24-carat gold or platinum. The creator of the design is the master of Atelier JM Lesov, Kamil Ježek. Everybody knows hedgehogs – the bristly, yet very popular animals. However, we actually know very little about these useful creatures. Hedgehogs live all over Europe, as well as in Africa and Asia, and their remarkable origin can be traced back as far as 45 million years ago. Their back and sides are covered with 7,000-8,000 spines which are 2-3 cm long and despite their seemingly clumsy physique, they can travel up to 2 km at night and they can “run” over short distances at an amazing speed of 3.5 – 7 km/hour! They can easily overcome many obstacles; they are good swimmers and climbers; they can even climb over a 1.5-m wire fence. Hedgehogs sleep for about four-fifths of the day and yet, enviably, they can still manage so many activities.
Figurine height: 6 cm