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In the middle of the 19th century, the austere regular lines of the Biedermeier style gave way to new elegant forms full of motion. The changing needs of the high society demanded new types of luxurious decorations. That’s why the Viennese court ordered the new full table and decorative set with Habsburg coat of arms from the best porcelain factory in the empire, in Klášterec nad Ohří. The set for the Emperor Francis Joseph was made here in 1852. After the great success of this luxurious “Imperial” set, Count Thun ordered the same four years later, with his own coat of arms (the “Thun Set”). The sets with appropriate arms were then made for many more authorities and important people of that time.

The famous representative table and decorative Thun Set has been produced for over 160 years, still using the same procedure.
It’s a great proof of the craftsmanship of the masters, who pass their art – the demanding manual production of porcelain – from generation to generation.
The “Golden Thun Set” is made by Atelier JM Lesov (Thun Studio) of the fine white porcelain. Its immense value is even increased by the excellent rich decorations using the 14-carat gold, which is manually polished. Regarding the demanding production, the Thun Set belongs to the top representatives of luxurious, custom made porcelain, produced only by Atelier JM Lesov. The set was produced, for example, for the Presidential Room of the Lány Castle, for the current members of the Thun Family etc.