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Doses, beer mugs and accessories

Do you like provoking and, at the same time, playful designs? Do you seek solitary items with unusual stories?
That’s what this collection of jars, trays, and salt and pepper pots is about. Individual objects are made from fine white porcelain and hand-decorated with gold, platinum, and cobalt. Unusual solitary works of art with a clear utility value shall become your practical companions as well as strong elements of expression in your interior. Art design by the sculptor Miroslav Páral.
The extreme design of porcelain objects – a jar with brawn, a beer mug with a slice of bread topped with fried egg, bread with a frankfurter in the form of a human finger, an imprint of teeth made of gold – form a basic line of the new designs of the sculptor Miroslav Páral. On the occasion of his 60th birthday, the artist briefly returns from sculpting to designing, his original profession. The newly created collection of functional porcelain objects is an entirely natural transformation of design into sculptures, and sculptures into design. Thus, this is not an extreme, but the logical outcome of lifetime knowledge. Perhaps each of us, when missing a saucer, has put a slice of bread over a cup (forming a momentary lid). The other objects of the new collection have a similar background. For example, when the artist combines the classic design of the PREZIDENT set porcelain plates with his objects depicting fingers – salt and pepper pots, teeth – to form dishes for chocolate pralines…