Čeština Pусский


The design of the unconventional coffee set OBELISK was created in 1992, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of china production in Bohemia, and to pay homage to our ancestors who developed the fine art of manual china production for generations. The demanding production of this set gives evidence of the superb craftsmanship of the experts in the Lesov manufacture. The original shape of the kettle, milk kettle and sugar bowl resemble the mysterious obelisks. Elegant cups with three precisely modeled legs accurately fit in the center of manually made saucer. The new, luxurious design, based on gilded black and white cubes, makes the superb white china really stand out. Provocative motifs with color stripes add thrill and inspiration for other experiments. The set is available as complete, for 6 people, or friendly, for a couple.