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This unusual Polygon tea set will catch your attention with its precisely elaborated, sense-deceiving decorations. The perfectly smooth walls of individual components are completely decorated with an original geometrical pattern, giving the impression of a surface relief. The tea set is also available in a pure white version and, upon customer’s request, in a decorated/pure white combination. The tea set is completed with a breakfast cup & saucer, made in a smooth version decorated with an all-surface geometric pattern and in a completely unique version with a surface relief, allowing the purity of the noble white porcelain to stand out. The saucers of both the tea set and the breakfast set have identical shapes and dimensions, thus the whole set is interestingly diverse, and, moreover, the final design of the product may be determined by the customer. Art design is by the designer Martin Přibík.
"Nothing is as it seems. We are always attracted to things deceiving our senses, things we cannot fully understand. The goal was to create a fully functional beverage set with an uncomplicated form, where its décor was, from the beginning, designed to create an optical illusion that would draw our attention, force us to think and finally touch the set and only then understand, thanks to our senses. The entire notion of the visual design does not accept an artistic expression or graphic style, but rather the idea of the famous Dutch graphic artist Maurits Escher, which inspired the design of the POLYGON beverage set."
Martin Přibík, author of the design