Čeština Pусский

Company introduction

Atelier JM Lesov is one of the last workshops consciously guarding the art of the traditional manual production of top-quality Czech porcelain. Atelier JM Lesov decorates and manufactures unique tea and coffee sets, sets designed for two people and authorial solitaires of major Czech artists and designers. The factory offers a luxurious presidential set which is also used at Prague Castle and a set of emperors which was made for the first time more than 160 years ago.
The factory’s masters manually turn porcelain, pour it into moulds, glaze it and decorate it. The traditional handmade manufacturing processes make it possible to create even the most sophisticated shapes and demanding decorations, including true etching, painting with cobalt, manual gilding and platinization. Combining porcelain with crystal and metal components creates a real masterpiece. Upon the client’s request, we can add monograms, dedications, national emblems or coats-of-arms to our products.
Porcelain pieces in various versions and in the contemporary and classic design represent the absolute best in terms of decorative and hand-crafted porcelain production in the Czech Republic and serve as a remarkable inspiration both for personal and luxury gifts.

Masters of Atelier JM Lesov